My Child Has Shark Teeth

Many times, parents notice that in their child’s mouth, the grown-up (permanent) teeth have started erupting behind the baby teeth, especially in the lower front area of the mouth. This is one of the very common reasons for an emergency visit to a pediatric dentist’s office.

Every day, I find great joy in reassuring Moms that most of the time this is a natural event and no intervention would be needed. It is very comforting to see parents being relieved when I explain to them the reason for the lower front permanent teeth coming behind baby teeth.

The permanent lower front teeth develop naturally behind the baby teeth. As the new teeth start breaking through the gums, they start resorbing the roots of baby teeth in front of them and as the loose baby teeth fall off, the permanent teeth are pushed forward by the tongue.

If the milk teeth are getting progressively loose, then your child does not need immediate extraction. Your dentist would encourage your child to wiggle the baby teeth out.

Rarely, the primary teeth do not get loose and still stay strong as permanent teeth are erupting. This is also not a dental emergency since a routine extraction of over-retained baby teeth will prevent any long-term issues. Even if the permanent teeth have erupted behind the baby teeth, after removal of baby teeth, the tongue usually pushes the permanent teeth forward.

Please feel free to consult with your child’s dentist for an evaluation. Your dentist will assess and will let you know if any intervention is needed.  For a consultation with our doctor, please contact our office.