Dental Crowns

Durable Caps in South Ontario to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Many people only associate crowns with adult patients, but the truth is that children sometimes need crowns as well. If a tooth has extensive decay or is in danger of infection, a crown may be the best choice for your child.

A crown not only structurally reinforces a tooth, but it also protects against further decay. Since crowns surround the entire visible section of a tooth, it also prevents harmful bacteria from damaging the tooth. Primary teeth, also known as milk teeth, are subject to decay just like permanent teeth.

At Ontario Kids N Braces, Dr. Wadhwa provides both white and silver crowns. Silver crowns, made of resilient stainless steel, are typically used for the back teeth. Our white crowns are composed of durable zirconia and are placed in more visible locations, like the front teeth.

Whatever your child’s dental needs, we can help at Ontario Kids N Braces. Give us a call at (909) 466-4611 today.