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A girl playing hockey. Hockey is one of the sports with higher risk of dental injuries.

Teen Trends and Teeth: An In-Depth Look at Adolescent Oral Health Risks (Part Two)

Welcome back to the second installment of our educational series on adolescent oral health. In our previous discussion, we delved into the world of oral piercings and smoking, uncovering the hidden dangers that these popular trends pose to dental health. As we continue our journey, we turn our focus to another area of concern that […]

A teenager smiling and showing her healthy teeth.

Teen Trends and Teeth: An In-Depth Look at Adolescent Oral Health Risks (Part One)

Welcome to the first part of our educational series designed to help parents and teens navigate the complex world of adolescent oral health. As our children grow and form their identities, they often adopt habits that, while considered “cool” or fashionable, can have serious implications for their dental health. In this series, we aim to […]

Sugared candy.

Sugar: The Sweetest Foe of Your Child’s Smile!

Sugar: it’s a guilty pleasure, a sweet treat, but it can also be your child’s smile’s biggest foe. Trying to navigate the sugar-laden landscape of kids’ diets can be like a parent’s game of Candy Land – full of surprises and challenges. But hold onto your toothbrushes because we’re here to demystify the story of […]

A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Managing White Spot Lesions During Orthodontic Treatment

As a parent considering orthodontic treatment for your child, you may be concerned about potential problems, such as white spot lesions on their teeth. These unsightly spots can often develop during orthodontic treatment. Research has found that the prevalence of white spot lesions in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances ranged from 2.96% to […]

Unlocking Comfort: How to Ensure Positive Dental Experiences for Autistic Children

For many children, dental appointments can be a source of anxiety and discomfort. However, for children with autism, the challenges are often magnified due to sensory sensitivities, communication difficulties, and behavioral concerns. Navigating the dental environment can be particularly overwhelming for autistic children, leading to heightened stress and potential avoidance of dental care altogether. It’s […]

My Child Has Shark Teeth

Many times, parents notice that in their child’s mouth, the grown-up (permanent) teeth have started erupting behind the baby teeth, especially in the lower front area of the mouth. This is one of the very common reasons for an emergency visit to a pediatric dentist’s office. Every day, I find great joy in reassuring Moms […]

Children’s Oral Health

It is essential to practice proper oral hygiene throughout our lives. These good habits start at a young age, so it is important to take your child’s oral health seriously. This includes caring for your infant’s first baby teeth as well as teaching toddlers how to brush correctly. Even though these teeth are temporary, they […]

Why should you see a pediatric dentist for your child’s dental visits?

A pediatric dentist is a specialist in children dental care who have devoted 2 or 3 additional years at an educational setting to learn the full scope of pediatric dentistry. Many of these specialist have furthered their education by passing a rigorous board certification exam administered through ABPD ( American board of pediatric dentistry). Your […]

Why does my child needs a cap (crown)?

Your pediatric dentist recommends a cap ( crown) for your child. You are wondering why does little John/ Kierra needs a cap rather than a filling. There are reasons behind this recommendation. Some of them are as follows: 1. If the cavity is bigger in size in baby teeth sometimes it can best restored with […]