General Anesthesia for Pediatric Dentistry

Happy and relaxed child smiling in the dental chair.At Ontario Kids N Braces, we are dedicated to securing your child’s oral health, and ensuring that your little ones have a positive dental experience. Does your child require complex or extensive treatment, have special needs, or experience anxiety around the dental environment? For such youngsters, sedation dentistry or general anesthesia — commonly referred to as “sleep dentistry”, may be the only way to give them the care they need without unnecessary stress and trauma.

What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a form of sedation that is used to put your child into a deep and controlled sleep. This way, they won’t feel any pain at all during a dental procedure, and will have no memory of it being performed. This offers a more positive experience and better long-term outcomes for pediatric dental patients who would not be able to cope with having the treatment under local anesthesia.

Is General Anesthesia Safe?

Rest assured that general anesthesia is perfectly safe. We carry out an extensive preoperative evaluation for every child to ensure that they are suitable for pediatric sedation dentistry. Our expert pediatric dentist and highly-trained anesthesiologist will constantly monitor your child before, during and after treatment. We routinely treat young children with extensive treatment needs under general anesthesia — but only when the benefits of doing so outweigh any potential risks. We are always here to discuss any concerns you may have, and put your mind at ease. Your child’s health is our mission.

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What Does General Anesthesia Dentistry Entail?

Following an extensive consultation and pre-operative assessment, we will provide you with a detailed information pack on how to prepare for the procedure. It is vital that a period of fasting (no eating or drinking) is maintained before the procedure to prevent complications and ensure that your child can be sedated safely.

 Once your child is induced into a deep sleep, he or she will be connected to several monitors and a breathing tube. Our experienced anesthesiologist will continue to monitor them throughout the procedure. Once the dental treatment is completed, we will gently awaken your child and monitor them in a recovery area until they regain full consciousness.

How Much Does General Anesthesia Cost?

Most private dental insurance policies do not cover general anesthesia for pediatric dental treatment, even if they cover most or or all of the cost of the dental treatment itself. The price of the general anesthesia is thus billed separately by our third party anesthesia provider. A detailed quotation will be provided following a consultation.

Why Choose Us?

 At Ontario Kids N Braces, we provide a service that can rarely be replicated:

  • Two board-certified specialists with decades of experience, working in unison to deliver gold-standard care and secure the oral health of your child
  • A private office that prides itself on quality, not quantity, and guarantees continuity of care with the same expert providers
  • Unrivaled investment in enhancing clinical outcomes, using the best techniques, materials, equipment and technology
  • Unparalleled commitment to the patient journey. We go above and beyond to meet your objectives and address any concerns or complaints.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation or address your queries, and secure better health — and a brighter future for your child’s smile.

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