Pulp Therapy

Gentle Pulp Therapy in Ontario Ranch for Baby Teeth

Just like permanent teeth, baby teeth sometimes need a root canal. This procedure is called a pulpotomy. A pulpotomy allows Dr. Wadhwa to treat a severely decayed or damaged tooth, addressing infection and allowing your child to keep their natural tooth.

Despite what many think, a pulpotomy can be virtually painless. We always use sufficient anesthetic at Ontario Kids N Braces, and we also offer several types of sedation to relieve your child’s worries and keep them comfortable.

Kids often need a crown to cap a tooth after pulp therapy. We offer both silver and white crowns at Ontario Kids N Braces so that your child continues to have an amazing smile.

Dental infections can be serious and may even endanger your child’s health. If your kid is complaining of dental pain or you notice pus, swollen gums, an abscess, or bleeding, call us at (909) 466-4611 right away.

Your child’s oral and overall health are too important to ignore.